Our Top 5 Trends from AWE Shanghai

AWE 2018

Trendspotting at AWE 2018

Appliance&Electronics 2018 Shanghai AWE Trendspotting

Generative vents and textures

With growing adoption of parametric and generative design practices in both the product and the automotive industries, one can see a clear trend of this philosophy applied to design details like vents and textures in these products.

Consumer product detailing, matte finishes and tags

Air conditioners are becoming objects of desire and sometimes very personal. Details which we would normally notice in smaller scale consumer products – like the usage of tags, textures, fabrics, matte finishes, etc., - are now seen often in air conditioners lately.

Air purifiers - circular elements

A very evident trend this time was the repetitive usage of circular elements in air purifiers. Some of these circles are functional, some are stylish, and some are even philosophical.

Exploded presentation

Showing the product in an exploded fashion is now not limited to those slick computer renders. Companies today are celebrating the tech behind the skin of products by displaying them in this ‘wow’ manner!

Automation in action

With exponential development is information technology and robotics, some of the mundane tasks of today could be automated for better reliability, precision, and efficiency. One can see that change happening in these images.

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