We joined the fischer group as a strategic partner to develop a cohesive corporate identity

and rearrange their enormous product portfolio.

Over sixty years ago, Artur Fischer patented the infamous plastic expansion plug. With more than 1100 patents, the founder is one of the most prolific inventors in the world.

Unity of design intelligence and innovation engineering

Our corporate style guide included advancements in different areas of the company, like the design language, differentiation, look and feel.

A changed competitive environment, user habits, or new building materials catalyze evolution. So we conceived an eye-catching two-tone visual language that perfectly embodies and strengthens the brand's values and carries them out into the world millions of times, all while ensuring a consistent customer experience and a vibrant recognition value.

Duo winner: Focus Open Silver award and reddot award 2022 – fischer DuoXpand

Kaercher K2 - K7 GDA2020

As a result of its innovative and functional design, the DuoXpand won both the reddot Product Design 2022 and the Focus Open Silver Award. The jury was impressed by the plug’s aesthetically pleasing red and grey design and versatile functionality.

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