TEAMS take on the
Social Melieu in China

With such a large and diverse number of China citizens, it can be difficult to get a big-picture idea about the variety and intensity of people and the groups that they belong to. With careful research, we put together information shedding light on how Chinese citizens can be best categorized. Each milieu displays a specific participatory habitués.

The social milieu or otherwise known as social environment refers to the physical and social setting in which people live or in which something occurs or develops. It also includes the cultural aspects of life.

Archaic farmer


- Traditional Chinese with communism and Confucianism mindset

- Need enough money to make a living

- Community is the world

- Hard work creates profits

- Education is getting important but not critical


Lifestyles & Consumption

- Only the necessities for life

- Young people need to be independent after growing up

- Marriage is the biggest ceremony and consumption in life

- An increasing need for basic home appliances and farm tools

Migrant worker


- Money can change life

- Moving beyond being poor

- Stand on one’s own feet

- Proud, but also very humble

- Learn from societal experiences


Lifestyles & Consumption

- Have to work hard and work overtime in order to receive good pay

- Save most of money to invest/build the future and support the family

- Entertainment is a reward for hard working (inexpensive)

- Sometimes, buy “big” brands to better blend in the urban life and show off in front of the rural peers

Materialistic Mainstream


- Long for the balance between work and personal life

- Make money to support the family

- Life is a planned journey to be completed


Lifestyles & Consumption:

- Indulge the urge to splurge on entry–level luxury goods (perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, etc)

- Busy between work and taking care of family (old generation and kids)

- Still pragmatic consumers (trying to improve the quality of life by purchasing affordable products)

"Value" Consumer 


- Appreciates a peaceful life

- Money is a way to assure a good future

- Everything is focused on the kids / on the family


Lifestyles & Consumption

- Life is simple and conservative

- Health condition and life expectancy are concerns

- More free time, a slower paced lifestyle

- Prudent consumption



- Money is the base for experiencing life

- Self-expression is extremely important

- Influenced by international culture


Lifestyles & Consumption

- More impulsive consumption

- Interested in personal (electronic) products

- Modern shopping patterns adopted: online shopping platform

- More freedom to spend money

- Shopping and travelling abroad

- Want to engage in new experiences

Ambitious Achievers


- Money will create a better life

- Nuclear family is No.1

- Social status is the motivation to have a successful career


Lifestyles & Consumption

- Use purchasing power to express themselves and to gain recognition from


- Modern who tend to be more loyal toward brands

- Buy luxury to reward themselves

- Busy social, concentrate on self-development

Affluent Elite


- Strongly linked to traditional Confucian

- Money is power

- Extended family is No. 1

- Work is life


Lifestyles & Consumption

- Luxury is a tool to show off success

- Social life serves their business