3 Designers -
One Vision

Reinhard Renner, Hans-Peter Aglassinger and Klaus Baumgartner share ownership of TEAMS, founded in 1956. During the day they can be found on the studio’s main floor, brainstorming and discussing with our creative teams. When the day is done, you might find them on their bikes - blazing into the Esslingen sunset.

Whether on their bikes or on the studio floor – creating a positive rhythm is what it’s all about. It is through their empathetic management style and their confidence in a flat organizational structure that creates the rapid flow of creative ideas and a team that cares as much about the newest intern – as much as their more senior counterparts. Titles don’t play a role – it’s all about empowering individuals, helping them develop their specific talents and fostering teams that support and create an environment of mutual respect and the utmost dedication to supporting clients – all the while carrying the team spirit that makes TEAMS unique. Under their direction, the agency has grown worldwide to locations in Hamburg, Chicago, Belgrade and Shanghai, with over 100 employees and a strong global interchange between the 5 studios.

Reinhard Renner leads project meeting