We Create Experiences

Design Realization

Design Realization

Once on The Market, Products and Systems Should be Able to Speak for Themselves

Any evolutionary step displays the sum of all knowledge, experience, and adaptation a species has collected over millions of years.

In creating artificial objects and systems, we do not just collect emotional and technical content, but mold it into the best possible form. In aim of perfection, we constantly perform with the goal of improving every step in our processes and their execution.

Our vast experience in developing great physical experiences has endowed us with a broad range of methods allowing us to embody and materialize brands in meaningful design.

Our Design Realization Service Packages

User Experience Design

Designing meaningful, relevant and outstanding experiences for the user by improving pragmatic and pleasing attributes.

Tools and Methods

  • Definition of Product Requirements
  • Value Proposition & Design Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Design Blueprints
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Usability Evaluation
  • UX Conception
  • Focus Group Interviews
  • Digital & Physical Usability Modelling
  • Digital Prototyping


Definition of Product Requirements

Having a clear definition of all requirements that have to be met as well as their prioritization adds a completely new quality to decision making, project planning, efficiency and safety on all levels of development. Concrete tools we use are affinity maps, personas and scenarios, use cases, storyboards, mock-ups and prototyping.

Product Design

Our competencies in product design endow us with a wide range of methods to embody and materialize brands through their products.

Tools and Methods

  • 2D/3D Concept
  • Styling
  • 3D CAD Surfacing
  • CAD Rendering, CGI & AR
  • Animation


2D/3D Concept

We bring ideas & concepts to life through our iterative and live, 2D & 3D conceptual sketching techniques.


Styling refers to the shape of the outer appearance, colour, material and finish. Styling always tells a story, where does a product come from, what is its cultural background? A precise styling is crucial for bringing products into the market successfully.

3D CAD Surfacing

Surfacing transfers the 2D design sketches into 3D. It supports the form finding as same as the decision between alternative design concepts. Finally it serves as a design reference for the subsequent engineering process.

CAD Rendering, CGI & AR

High quality CAD renderings make decisions in the early design stages easy. CGIs gives a real impression of the product in its environment with realistic colour, material and finish appearance and will excite stakeholders and decision makers. Extensive AR methods are used to precisely examine Designs in their natural surroundings.

Interaction Design

We define how we interact with the world we are living in. We define how we communicate with machines, services, brands and artefacts around us and how they speak with us.

Tools and Methods

  • Branded Interaction (BIxD)
  • Information Architecture
  • Design Systems & Frameworks
  • Visual & User Interface Design (UI)
  • Motion Design
  • Media Installations
  • High- and Low-Fi Prototyping
  • VR/AR
  • App Design



VR and AR are all around, but what makes the difference between to entertain an audience and solving real world problems. At TEAMS we create solutions that encounter real needs. The exploration of possibilities in a virtual environment has just begun and there is much new to experience. Learn with us what can be made possible.


Service Design

The process of designing holistic customer and market driven services.

Tools and Methods

  • Digitization & Digitalization
  • Brand & Product Strategy
  • Business Model Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  • Visual Communication
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Service Eco-System

Engineering & Development

We engineer hardware and develop software that works and appears how it was designed.

Tools and Methods

  • Technical Analysis
  • Innovation & Front End Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • End-to-End Realization
  • 3D CAD Native Data
  • Producibility & Production Consulting


Technical Analysis

We analyse and compare established technical solutions as well as innovative ones, considering function, costs and user benefits.

Innovation & Front End Engineering

We create conceptional solutions, do feasibility investigations, focus on technical requirements and evaluate cost determining factors before starting the detailed engineering process.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering transfers the design into a real product. It considers feasibility, ease of manufacturing and assembling and cost efficiency. High level 3D CAD files will lead to high level parts and assemblies.

End-to-End Realization

We enable One-Stop-Shop product development from conceptional studies,to design development, to sourcing and realization through engineering services.

3D CAD Native Data

We are able to create our 3D CAD data natively in Creo Pro, Siemens NX, Catia V5 or SolidWorks, following your guidelines. If necessary also in top-down strategy with design shells defined in a master model. We are experts in modelling free-form shaped surfaces with wall thickness, draft angle, and smooth surface transitions.

Producibility & Production Consulting

We review engineering results, prototypes, pre-series and series parts and give recommendations and feedback during implementation. Decades of experience with thousands of successfully realized products means you can be sure that your product be successful in the same way.

Digital & Physical Prototyping

We bring conceptual ideas to life and shape the future, making them experienceable and tangible.

Tools and Methods

  • Low- & High Fidelity Prototyping
  • Electronical Prototyping
  • Coding (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, QT, Arduino, Native OS)
  • Developer Hand-Off
  • Implementation Support
  • Physical Prototyping