professional tools

Professional Tools

For over 50 years, we've had the pleasure of designing great power tools. When we began collaborating with Bosch in 1956, TEAMS Design founder Hans Erich Slany introduced the radical concept of plastic tool housing — rather than heavy, conductive steel housing — to Robert Bosch.

Bosch Cordless Drill Closeup

We have now designed literally hundreds of power tools for Bosch, Bosch subsidiaries, and other power tool manufacturers.

Dremel is a brand that offers powerful versatility to its users. They are very often the pioneers of new types of tool and manage to bring meaningful innovation to a mass market.



Rotozip Zipsaw

RotoZip started with a simple idea -using a drill bit that had sideways cutting capabilities, which is perfect for cutting drywall.  They have emerged in recent years as a category leader, providing a range of precision cutting tools for remodelers and craftsmen alike. 

Warn Pullzall

Warn is the leading brand name in hoists and winches. The Pullzall was the first of its kind, a hybrid between a vertical hoist and a horizontal winch. Combined with battery power it is an extremely versatile and irreplaceable tool, and has become Warns all-time bestselling product.