The Global Making
of Marley

House of Marley

The House of Marley was created by Bob Marley’s children and other family members to spread his message of hope and love. The brand came to TEAMS to create a unified brand language — one that would embody Marley’s legacy of One World, One Love. The turnaround time: mere months.

The House of Marley was just getting started at the time they approached us in Chicago. Full of great ideas, but lacking a solid direction, they longed to see their brand not only grow, but to also make a difference in people’s lives. The Marley’s gave themselves — and us — a lofty goal: to develop a range of innovative products that exemplify Marley's values of equality, unity, authenticity, charity, and sustainability.

Helping the House of Marley to find its way came down to two important factors: the brand would launch in only a few short months and would also need a broader, global outlook.


Global Call to Action

After a quick call to action, our large design teams in Chicago, Hamburg, and Shanghai each brainstormed innovative products and services that would reflect Marley’s values. Named after Zion — the Rastafarian place of unity, peace, and freedom — the project focused on concepts that would inspire eco-friendly attitudes and actions, create shared experiences across cultures, and encourage healthy living.

With the deadline approaching, our design teams worked around the clock, moving the information daily through the three studios. Once Shanghai had developed new ideas, they were passed to Hamburg to keep the ball rolling. After closing time in Hamburg, the concepts moved to Chicago for further development, and then back to Shanghai, stretching a 24 hours into a 36 hour day. With Bob’s hits on repeat in three countries, we eagerly soaked up his sounds to recreate that good feeling in the form of both concepts and products.

The output was prolific, ranging from grand designs to provide needy communities with power to more modest plans to offset packaging carbon footprints. That huge push of teamwork helped lay the groundwork for an audio line that would cater to consumers who wanted to feel better about where their product came from. Drawing from the Rastafari reverence for all things of the earth, natural materials like sisal and bamboo were ranked by their sustainability and then integrated into the designs.

Three Styles, One World

TEAMS helped the House of Marley launch its audio line in the spring of 2010, offering three audio collections tailored to distinct consumers at different price points: the Destiny Collection, for high-end customers; Jammin’ Collection for younger customers; and the Freedom Collection for customers that fell in between.

One of the most successful products continues to be the soulful Get Up Stand Up Audio System, which can dock and charge an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Its walnut and birch frame is characteristic of House of Marley’s sustainable approach, differentiating the brand from competitors that rely heavily on plastic and giving music lovers an entirely new twist on earth-friendly designs.

Setting the Stage for Future Growth

To launch the brand in 2010, the House of Marley and and their partner HoMedics hosted a party at Chicago's House of Blues. Marley's children Rohan and Cedella were on hand to help unveil the designs for the Destiny, Freedom, and Jammin' product collections, and the crowd was treated to a performance by Marley's sons Damian, Julian, and Stephen.


The House of Marley knew that they wanted to be global, unifying, and eco-minded. By utilizing TEAMS’ global studios, we helped launch them as an audio brand, but also gave them the directional tools that would continue to direct the course of their growth to align with their idealistic outlook for the future of their brand.

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