working with Bosch's advanced technology

Bosch Security Systems collaborated with TEAMS to design a line of multimedia conferencing products that exemplify the latest in AV technology.

We assembled a collaborative team of designers and engineers shared their expertise in close proximity AV during multiple creative workshops with Bosch. Once the specs were in place, Bosch's engineers begun perfecting the sound electronics while our engineers worked on creating a format that is both beneficial for the acoustics and very compact.

These units are used in places such as the UN -where each person may be speaking and listening in a different language. So one of the biggest challenges was the direction microphone -probably the smallest of its kind it picks up sound from a very narrow area in front of the unit filtering out any noise from either side of the user.

Through very close collaboration, the Dicentis is designed to be the best in class communication and portable experience whether it’s taking place in a multi-use hall or a historic building at a moment’s notice. The setup and usage is designed to be easy, intuitive, scalable, and interference free in a highly flexible manner.

The Dicentis family has won three prestigious Red Dot Awards for the successful integration of technology, flexibility and user’s needs.

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