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Six Red
Dot Awards!

Each year, hundreds of products are submitted for the prestigious Red Dot awards, a benchmark for high design quality. In the end, it is only those products that set themselves apart through excellent design that make the final cut. In 2016, our global team is proud to be awarded 6 red dots that masterfully put the user front and center.

Zamo – Measuring at the Touch of a Button

Compact, easy to use, and intuitive is exactly how our designer Paolo Corcagnani describes his designs behind the new Zamo. The new tool allows users to measure distances at the touch of a button through a precise laser, saving busy contractors and homeowners from getting into hard-to-reach corners and high ceilings. We like the Zamo so much because it’s not only easy to use; it’s fun. The soft grip handle makes it easy to hold onto, and for easy on-the-go, it fits nicely into any pocket or purse.

Bosch Cordless Angle Grinder

With more than 50 years of studying and job following contract professionals and builders, TEAMS has learned a lot about what contractors need. When we put our heads together to design the cordless angle grinder, Vincent Hasenmayer, manager strategic design, talked about his vision of optimizing the tool's ergonomics and creating a more innovative housing technology that hadn’t been done before. “We knew it would be a challenge, but once it could be realized, it would make a huge difference in the usability of the tool,” said Vince. Now available, it is the world’s first 10.8 volt angle grinder with high power and minimal ergonomic housing.

Thermo Detector – introduction of a new segment

Bosch thermo detector, providing accurate measurement and recording of tempearture and moisture levels is the first of its kind for Bosch blue. “In the past, these kind of tools were bulky and harder to manage,” said industrial designer Paolo Corcagnani. “We wanted to turn this around and create something versatile and easy-to-handle.” Our team of industrial designers, interaction designers, engineers, and communication designers came to one table to approach the project from a multi-disciplinary approach. Anika Raiser, communication designer at TEAMS created the designs for a new interface experience. “In the past, you received all of the notifications at once,” said Anika. “Now you only see the corresponding notifications for the screen that you are using a given time, making the experience more intuitive.” noted Anika. With a large variety of functions and an easy-to-use interface, we’re happy to see the users enjoying their experiences with the Bosch GIS 1000 C Professional Thermal Detector.


STILL EXV-SF 16 High Lift Pallet Truck

The challenge was to design a safe, stable yet narrow high lift pallet truck that can quickly travel through narrow environments. This is one of the fastest trucks on the market yet at the same time is designed for optimal and minimal energy usage. Once the truck arrives at its destination, there is a fold out platform for the operator if needed. Using color coding and height adjustable side bars, the design ensures safe yet quick operation of the machine. Our designer Helmar Roth explained more about the combi-tiller, “It has two adjustments positions to provide maximum safety and comfort for both usage modes.”

EXK 15 P Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker

Electro-Voice and TEAMS partnered to refresh and innovate a new design language for all their products. The EKX-15P is one of the latest new offerings, updating the materials and features on the speakers to deliver best-in-class user experience as well as professional audio quality. The lightweight yet rugged housing is reinforced at all the wear points and is designed for intuitive set up and use. Cliff Kräpfl shared his feelings following the release of the two-way powered loudspeaker, "We are proud to continue the partnership with EV to implement the award-winning EV design language across the ETX line to deliver a best-in-class look and sound for DJ/live/club/installed sound applications," said Cliff.

Logaskol SKR – Warm water created by sun energy

While the concept of using solar energy to create warm water is not new, the Logaskol SKR is a new way of helping users to heat water during the cold season, even with limited sunlight. The device was also created to accompany any roof or structural surface without looking obtrusive. Ulrich Warth, manager strategic design at TEAMS guided the design process. “We looked to integrate of the technical elements in a seamless way that would create a more efficient device that could hold up in snow storms and poor weather conditions,” said Ulrich.  In addition, since in many installations the collectors become an architectural element, the collectors were designed to blend in and look great with a variety of architectural styles while harnessing the power of the sun.

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