Welcome Silke!

Meet TEAMS newest model maker

Welcome to the TEAM, Silke! Silke Wamhoff has joined the Esslingen team as a model maker. Born and raised in Sindelfingen, near Stuttgart, Silke has spent a number of years working as a clay modeler for the auto industry in German cities such as Wolfsburg and Potsdam, as well as in Melbourne, Australia. Her hobbies include traveling, gardening, playing badminton, and hiking. Recently, she took some time off for traveling, starting in Sweden and ending in Southeast Asia. To cover such a long distance, she opted to take a combination of bus and train halfway around the world.

When asked about being back in Germany, Silke says that she could not be happier, “I’m really happy to be back in Germany both professionally and personally, especially in the region I call home.” Her favorite thing about her job? “I like working with my hands and overseeing a project’s development. Starting with the first few sketches and then turning a project into a realistic model is something I really enjoy,” said Silke.

Our global family is glad to have such a dynamic, friendly, and skilled modeler as the newest member of the TEAM.

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