Top 3 Mobile
Trends at this
Year’s Mobile
World Congress

When it comes to smartphones, there’s really no better place to be than the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona. And smart they are: today’s devices are so capable of performing multiple and diverse tasks, it’s hard to see them as just, well, phones.

Top 3 Trends in 2016

In the two days that we roamed the MWC, we saw some ground-breaking solutions and new opportunities. But if we had to pick our top three mobile trends coming out of this year’s expo, here’s what they’d be:

  1. Mobile photography is progressing quickly: A huge improvement in camera quality is trending for mobile phones across all manufacturers. Lenses are bigger and better camera lenses, with improved features like twin lenses, sharper focus, higher resolution, and quicker response times. We're particularly excited about the increasingly intelligent software that assists in photo management.

  2. VR takes center stage: As at other tech shows in the past year, VR was a huge draw at MWC. We saw enhanced resolution, better response to movement, lighter goggles, and even crisper graphics than ever before. VR is becoming an influential technology that opens up completely new fields of interaction. Digital content that was previously limited to the boundary of a basic screen is now a 360 degree experience and an adventure.

  3. Unlimited capabilities for smartphones: There were so many different kinds of seamlessly integrated enhancements or modular add-ons on display that our heads were spinning. Some of the seemingly limitless capabilities included: battery chargers, professional audio equipment, modular cameras, projected keyboards, earpieces that serve as personal assistants, and many more that showed the power of connectivity and all-in-one simplicity.

New Inspiration to Fly Home With

After lingering to check out the many modular battery packs on our way out the door, we finally bid farewell to this year’s MWC and made our way to the airport. If only next year someone would invent a battery pack for humans whose minds are overloaded with possibilities.

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