TEAMS Shanghai
Hosts Open Day for
Young Students

On a sunny Saturday, we ushered a small group of students in green t-shirts with a big Miway logo into our TEAMS Shanghai studio. Brimming with excitement, the small group couldn’t wait to experience their first day in our busy design studio.

TEAMS and MiWay Come Together to Help Students Find Their Inner Talents

Miway is an organization that devotes itself to offering a special platform for students between the ages of 10-18. The purpose is to help them to develop more social experiences, which in turn helps to foster their unique interest and talents. This is the second time that we’ve hosted the design open day with the Miway.

To start the event, Wang Ying, TEAMS senior UX designer introduced the group of students to Dieter Rams 10 Principles of Good Design – followed by TEAMS dynamic design method as a first step in helping the young students to understand more about design. We also showed the students around our studio. For most of them, it was their first time to visit a design company. They were impressed by our innovative space and especially excited about the one-way mirror in our observation room.

Students Visit TEAMS Shanghai

Students Take a Guided Tour Through TEAMS Shanghai

In addition to learning some design theory, the students got to take part in the design process starting with a brainstorming session. We asked the students to draw up ideas to answer the following question “What will a learning or entertainment device look like in the future?” The students were divided into two groups. After coming up with several ideas, the students were asked to present their ideas to the group. We were very impressed with their forward-thinking ideas, including a learning machine in which their favorite star can give them a thumbs up – and a VR helmet that can make the learning process even more vivid. When the day was done, the students said that they not only learned about design, but also what it means to work successfully as a team. The impressionable group had already picked up on TEAMS brand values.

At TEAMS Shanghai, we continue to explore possibilities for students and education. In China’s big tier 1 cities like Shanghai, students are facing an increasing level of academic stress coupled with bureaucratic and financial barriers that tend to thwart social mobility. At TEAMS, supporting our clients and local organizations alike makes a big difference in the future of design. Just by making small contributions, we believe it is possible to create a more flexible and efficient education system.

The major reward at the end of the day? We instilled a great deal of confidence and excitement into the group – maybe enough so that one day we’ll read about them as young and successful designers.

For years, TEAMS Shanghai has helped many clients to gain an even deeper understanding of the Asian market and its various groups. We continue to facilitate many workshops, fieldwork, and other activities that help to build a bridge between users and clients, people and design, as well as needs and solutions.


Senior UX designer Wang Ying and the Students During the Design Open Day

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