Paul Hatch Weighs In
on Debbie Millman's
Latest for the IDSA

In the most recent edition of the IDSA's Innovation Magazine, Paul Hatch reviews Debbie Millman's Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits. From pioneers like Bill Moggridge to the always colorful Karim Rashid, 22 of the industry's top thinkers discuss topics as diverse as market research and Lady Gaga.

The TEAMS Chicago president praises Millman's broad collection of dialogues with industry luminaries as candid and inspiring.

Debbie Millman, known for dynamic podcast interviews, doesn't shy away from interjecting her considerable knowledge and thoughtful opinions throughout her interviews in order to keep the conversation flowing. Part brand-focused, part biographical, and always straying into tangential topics that provide additional insight into the interviewees, this substantive collection of interviews echoes that distinctive style.

You can read the full review in the Winter 2014 edition of the magazine, available through the IDSA.