NeoCon Blends Art and Pop
Culture to Inspire the Office

Last week TEAMS visited NeoCon, one of the largest shows for commercial interiors in North America last week. We found that the show’s overall theme was a blending of art, pop culture and casual materials with classic lines and serious details to create office hardworking environments that inspire creativity and fun for millennials.

Hello Sqound, Psychedelics, and More...

Trends that borrow from fine artists such as Bruce Nauman, Lee Jung, or Dan Flavin appeared in spaces filled with modular groupings of “sqound,” or rounded square furniture. Covered in brightly colored felts with softly integrated details; the soft touch gives users a more authentic interaction with the furniture. No more standard off-the-shelf knobs and levers for the best of the show – it was common to see handcrafted, custom designed pieces made to enhance specific furniture items. Organic prints in psychedelic colors - and proportions that have been stretched and mirrored in 2D and 3D – with warped planes and perspective - evolved from the original ‘70s aesthetic to give the furniture destined for corporate environs -  a millennial friendly creative vibe.

Succulents were everywhere as the accessory of today. The earth friendly, water-wise plants were used as decorative accents in order to give the spaces a homey and familiar feel with a southwestern, and slightly vintage touch. Open walls using patterns derived from nature, furthered this eco-friendly aesthetic while providing some much needed privacy - or at least the perception of privacy in this time of open offices. Honest joinery and dipped details continued this simple look that provides a creative and authentic feeling of space.

On the Horizon

The clear trend for the future is that furniture is starting to anticipate the needs of workers and improve their health. Furniture is adapting to have multiple uses and accommodate multiple users, while adjusting more easily for optimum ergonomics. Companies such as Steelcase and Haworth are leading the way with furniture that encourages healthy sitting and standing. A sympathetic trend to this anticipation of needs is a trend of setting up modular and fun furniture solutions that encourages social interactions and gets people away from their computers and phones - and talking face to face - even if it’s through virtual reality.



As we browsed through more than 400 exhibitors, we found consistency in the trends that we identified at the IHA show earlier in the year.

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