Merci Beaucoup – pallet
truck Receives French
Star Award


Our low lift pallet truck – the EXU Li-ion is raking in one of the first design awards for 2017.

Efficient and Flexible Design

Our design for STILL’s low lift pallet truck received a French Design Star from the French Association for Design and Innovation (A.P.C.I.) Its high level of efficiency makes it commendable for design approaches in social and ecological responsibility.

So what sets the EXU Li-Ion apart from the competition? Envisioning easier maintenance and battery charging times for users led us to implement a smaller lithium ion battery, reducing the weight and charging time. It is also compatible with any conventional socket in the warehouse, offering ultimate flexibility and more time in motion. The lowering cost of lithium batteries makes it an attractive option and helps to increase profitability.

Keeping employees healthy and safe is an additional bonus. Through an adjustable working height, operators can make adjustments for an ideal body position each time.

Ulrich Schweig, design director for STILL at TEAMS Hamburg remarked, “The result is from a close collaboration between engineers and designers, including how we approached the project from a both functional and emotional standpoint.”


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