So You Want to
Embrace the IOT Wave?
Here's How.

If you haven’t jumped on to the IoT wave and learned how it’s creating lots of exciting technological possibilities for – well – just about everything, you’re still not too late to jump into the game. Truth is, IoT is not only changing how we live and work – it’s creating a fundamental shift in the world of design, too.

TEAMS Chicago CEO, Paul Hatch, recently presented at the IDSA Regional Conference in Denver, explaining the historical role that industrial designers have played in understanding and defending the user. That was, until interaction designers and developers couldn’t get on the same page – paving way to a growing field of user experience design. Now that UX design has taken front and center stage – putting every ounce of focus back on the user – the roles have clearly changed.

But that doesn’t mean that industrial designers won’t be a part of it all.

On the contrary. Hatch hinted at one of the next biggest opportunities. “Industrial designers can harness UX design techniques to ‘defend’ the user in IoT products, and make sure the data being collected is quality data, helping drive ever-improving product solutions. It’s time to put ID back into IoT,” said Hatch.

Paul Hatch describes UXD and ID IOT

To get involved in the discussion, catch up with Paul at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design 2016 conference in San Francisco (April 11th) or see his talk at IDSA Midwest conference in Champaign-Urbana, or at two other IoT events later this year - follow us on Twitter to stay on top of this rapidly evolving topic.

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