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With so many great products on the Chinese market, it’s hard to say what is best. The Canton Fair Design Awards, part of the Canton Fair that takes place each year in Hangzhou, China is set-up each year to do just that. Our Vice President of Design, Levente Szabo, served on this year’s jury to pick the best Chinese products.

Levente takes part in the CF Design Awards Jury

During the first round, more than 20 jury members select about 150 products for review. In the second round, 9 jury members determine the best of the best from the 150 products. Those products that receive a gold prize means that they represent high marks in Chinese manufacturing, quality, and design capabilities in the local industries.

TEAMS has been invited two times by the CF Award committee to be take part in the jury; the first time in 2014 with Martin Rauch representing, and in 2016 Levente Szabo.


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