Material Matters:
BASF’s designfabrik®
Shanghai Opens

On May 31, 2016, our partner, BASF, celebrated the opening of their new location designfabrik® Shanghai in China – coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of their German designfabrik® headquarters. At their new location in Shanghai, our Industrial Designer, Jieping Huang, along with two other speakers, talked about three on-trend industries: Health & Comfort, Mobility and Sports & Leisure.

Jieping Huang presents sports & leisure

Jieping’s presentation focused on Sports & Leisure – a category we excelled at when designing the ZONE saddle – a bicycle seat designed to help cyclists achieve their goal of better movement and performance through improved comfort. Utilizing material in the best way is one important aspect of what makes the saddle so innovative. Our ideas for the materials applied to the design were actually developed in our very own TEAMS material lab. The saddle’s double density base helps reduce pressure - plus we integrated co-molded lateral scuff guards with front and rear protection to keep the saddle in good shape.

After the presentation, the group gathered in a co-create session with a BASF material engineer. Everyone was introduced to the new materials kit which helped the designers think about potential applications. We now have the materials kit in our Shanghai studio for all the designers to be inspired. Another bonus is that designers who use this kit to design a new product are able to join BASF’s new round of design competition this year – which is something we look forward to participating in! Stay tuned!

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