3 German
Design Awards 2015

Two of TEAMS Design’s designs for Bosch Thermotechnology have recently been awarded with the “German Design Award 2015 special mention” and conferencing design for the "Winner" category.

For Thermotechnologie’s new business category “Large Thermal Plants & System Solutions” (LSS) TEAMS has developed a cohesive corporate design style guide. The new corporate design language underlines the technologically high-end character of Bosch products and can be applied to a large variety of different architectures and geometries across production plants in Germany, China and around the world.

Bosch Thermotechnology brand Buderus received a Special Mention for the Logapower FC10 energy center. With an electrical efficiency of 45 to 50 percent, the Logapower FC10 is one of the most efficient systems for decentralized power and heat generation. We worked with Bosch to ensure that the cutting-edge technology was housed in a modular and elegant design with an interfaces that consumers would want in their homes.

Bosch conferencing german design award

Bosch’s new conference system combines multimedia, internet and excellent speech and sound quality in one device. It offers the conference attendees access to documents and presentations, and displays real-time results of votes, video content and even email access.

The design approach focused highly on user experience and ergonomics, and had the goal of blending perfectly into the developed Bosch ST brand language. The design philosophy for the core and shell included the combination of textured and smooth surfaces which defined the different interaction areas. The outcome is an eye-catching conference system equipped with a vast number of comfort features for a smooth, convenient and successful workflow.