Global UX Workshop in Shanghai

The field of design and its related disciplines undergo constant change, and to stay at the forefront, we as designers must periodically pause to reexamine the methods and processes that we use on a daily basis. At our Methodology Summits, TEAMS’ internat

At the user experience summit in Shanghai, our best design and research leaders gathered for an in-depth analysis of our user experience expertise and its long-term development. This Methodology Summit aims to find new ways of enhancing the user experience of both our clients and their end user — the people for whom we design products, systems, and services.

Getting a 360-Degree Look at User Experience Design

While our international teams of global thinkers collaborate on a daily basis, in this field where the importance of understanding the user cannot be understated, bringing representatives of three diverse continents face to face for research provides an incomparable glimpse into cultural nuance. By combining each studio's technical expertise and unique cultural perspective, we're able to optimize our research methods whether we're talking to users in North America or the South Pacific.

The four-day summit was led by Jonas Vollmer, vice president of design strategy. International team members Vollmer, Wang Ying, Martin Rauch, Marianne Grisdale, Zhihui Shi, Oliver Keller, and Steffen Muller put their heads together to share their UX savvy, research techniques, and to further innovate our holistic processes ranging from research methodologies to efficient project planning.

The Methodology Summits will continue when our user interface specialists gather in Hamburg to analyze trends and technology as diverse as mobile app design and graphic interfaces of industrial machinery.