Fasten Your Seatbelts:
We’re Driving into CES
with NXP’s Connected Car

It’s that time of year again — a new year is here and the much anticipated CES is underway in Las Vegas, exciting that inner-child in all of us as we look at futuristic trends that will define 2016 and beyond. Our collaboration with NXP — a leader in creating solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world — is creating buzz.

Have you ever thought about the last hundred years of automobile existence? Over time, the car has been innovated, upgraded, and improved but, self-driving has remained something out of sci-fi movies. We’ve already seen its development rapidly pick up speed over the last few years, and that’s one of the reasons that many are predicting a massive shift in the automotive industry through the next 10 years.

At this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, we’re getting one step closer; NXP is unveiling one of our most exciting collaborations, a concept car created to show the future experience of autonomous driving, all-in-one entertainment, and smart and secure car access.

"Our demo offers a journey through our automotive portfolio. The demo itself is about complex technology, and it shows it in an end-user experience that merges well with the technology behind it." said Jan-Phillipp Gehrmann of NXP.



Connectivity and Security

As a part of NXP’s strategy to ensure a complete, new brand-to-solution experience and a seamless customer journey, the concept car at this year's CES is showing users how innovative technology merges with emotional brand-to-solution communication in three different ways:

• Seamless Consumer Electronics Experience
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
• Driving Efficiency

To bring all of the technologies together we developed a holistic architecture with multiple access points for different groups and diverse simultaneous interactions.

Visitors this week will find out more about how to get purchases delivered directly to their car, how a smart key can detect fuel levels, and the possibility to pay for in-car apps and upgrades via a mobile-device-paired to the system. You can find NXP's booth at LVCC, Central Plaza, CP-25 to see how connectivity and security work hand-in-hand,  paving the way to securer connections for a smarter world.

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