Earbuds, Meet
Audasis Makes
Grand Debut
at CES

There’s a new type of headphones at CES this year. So new, in fact, that the categorical terminology is still missing. At the end of 2015, startup Audasis approached us with their inventive – yet actually simplified – idea about designing an entirely new category of headphones.

The final idea is as simple as it looks; users can plug their earbuds into a set of sleek, noise-cancelling headphones to create the first earbud/headphone hybrid of its kind.

Everyone has Earbuds, Fewer Have Headphones

Fact is, almost everyone has a token set of earbuds that might have been free with a smartphone purchase or acquired in a rush at the airport. But not everyone has the money to splurge on high-quality headphones. The Oasis experience was born out of this deficit, allowing habitual earbud users the chance to purchase high-quality, yet low-cost, headphones.

Industrial Designer Ross Brinkman worked around the clock with our Chicago team trying to bring this novel concept to life in less than one month — just in time to launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

“The idea was to create a conceptual, yet realistic product from a video of a functional mockup,” said Brinkman. "To dive in, we had to put many pieces of the puzzle together quickly while working through 10-hour time difference with our partner.”

Oasis was Created to Stand Out

Cord management and user experience were at the forefront of our effort. “The usability of this product was the skeleton around which we built the plastic and metal meat. The experience had to be airtight before we could even imagine an aesthetic approach.”

However, in a market where there are countless audio gadgets, the aesthetics of Oasis would also be an important factor in differentiating it as something new. “In a sea of headphones,” said Brinkman, “the Oasis concept had to visually stand out as a unique product.”

Out of several proposals, the team moved forward with the design that featured the most translucency, showing just a hint of the user’s ear through the plastic cover to distinguish this as a different animal than your standard over-the-ear headphones.

A New Packaging Experience

The final hurdle was creating equally exciting packaging. Through a series of brainstorms, our team ideated structural packaging that could ship without further packaging, voiding boxes, padding, and even the mailing address sticker. But actually opening the packaging is where the experience shines: as the shell opens, the headphones appear to be standing in their own amphitheater, creating an impactful first interaction as well as a built-in display case.

“Audasis was continually eager to meet us at the drawing board at every twist and turn,” said Brinkman. “It wouldn’t have been possible for us to be at CES right now without their great attitude and the dedication of the whole team.”'

You can find Audasis all this week at booth 81148.

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