Brainstorm in Pforzheim

Blackout in

The prestigious School of Design of Pforzheim University invited TEAMS designer Steffen Müller to conduct a 2 days design workshop. Steffen Müller, a Manager of User Experience Design at TEAMS Esslingen, shared insights from daily work in the design business and spoke about the importance of holistic thinking in development processes.

Analyzing user’s needs on emotional, physical and social levels and implementing the various demands of stakeholders are key factors to the development of successful products and services. Conceptual thinking helps screen all information and develop valid concepts. It is all about asking the right questions at an early stage of the process. In heterogeneous project teams often the designers take on the role of the creative catalyst connecting all the dots.

After the initial speech the students were introduced to a scenario, which served as a basis for the hands-on part of the workshop: A Blackout in Pforzheim – no electricity for several days.

Following confusion at first of how to deal with an open scenario rather than with a concrete task, the students researched, discussed, sketched, conceived and eventually presented their ideas. The design concepts were highly diverse; ranging from solutions pertaining to control traffic, how to purify and distribute drinking water and even ways to prevent riots and looting.

Workshops that involve clients, experts and users are part of the creative culture at TEAMS, as they ensure that no important information is missed while considering many different opinions and perspectives.