UXD, UI and ID depending on each other visualized in bricks

A Holistic
Approach to

Martin Rauch

If you could imagine interaction design as a part of a huge sandwich, packed somewhere in the middle between several layers – you would see that it’s one part of a greater whole. And a vital part at that. It enhances the experience; sort of like ketchup or mustard. But when isolated, it does not taste as good.

AT TEAMS, we see interaction design as part of a bigger whole. What’s most important to us is that users enjoy the experience. Getting that positive user experience comes from a well-tailored design process, including each smaller component that makes up that journey.  

We consider a product's interface as one important component of such a composition. For us, UI design is a naturally integrated part of our proven product development process, rather than a highly specialized or isolated discipline.

To allow for the best possible holistic product experience, interaction design should go hand-in-hand with other key development disciplines such as: product design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and branding. Only then is the final outcome a homogenous one.  

We are Experts in the Process; Masters of each Discipline

We have decades of experience in all of these disciplines. Our UI designers collaborate closely with our research teams, product designers, model-makers,  and engineers to offer all-inclusive solutions for globally leading brands -- from tailor-made solutions for regional markets to universal applications for a global audience.

We are a one-stop shop for our clients and create compelling product experiences that win through their holistic appeal: intuitive user interfaces paired with rich product designs and engineering solutions, all backed by a strong brand message.

Over time we have established unique iterative, highly efficient prototyping and simulation processes in-house which enable us, for instance, to build interactive rough or high-fidelity prototypes. We’ve even developed lighting design capabilities which enable us to realistically simulate lighting and specifically design and engineer light guides according to every design intent - a task usually restricted to specialists who are too far removed from the user experience design process.


A perfect example of our holistic approach is the award-winning DCN Multimedia Conference System by BOSCH Security Systems: An intuitive and easy-to-operate user interface forms a unique symbiosis with a stunning product design and a well-founded engineering concept. All created and developed from start to finish by TEAMS.

In addition to the interactive touch-enabled screen, an important part of the interface includes light indicators that illuminate when each participant is speaking. Our team not only shaped and visually integrated these into the product’s architecture; we completely designed and specified the lighting concept in-house.

Now launched, the DCN system is being used in government offices worldwide.

We invite you to learn more about our design process. In the end, we’ll give you the right ingredients; but most importantly, that seamless brand experience that resonates with all the senses.  

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