We're looking for a Mechanical Engineer to join our Shanghai studio. The Mechanical Engineer will work on the outside surface and/or inner engineering structure of products using CAD tools (e.g.  Creo, UG, SolidWorks) for prototyping and production. You will work with a team of engineers and designers to develop the product concept and specifications.


TEAMS is an award-winning user experience design and innovation firm with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our innovative approach to design takes concepts from research and into reality, while reinforcing the client’s brand personality.

The Shanghai studio is a bright and delightful open loft office, overlooking a section of Shanghai's unique and old neighborhood, and the inner street of Peninsula Bay with featured cafes and wine shops. Located in the North Bund area near Suzhou Creek, we are in one of the newly renovated red-brick factory buildings among other art and design studios, branding and e-commerce business units. We try our best to provide an open and supportive environment for our teams to thrive and achieve their full potentials.


The Mechanical Engineer should have experience with plastic (consumer) products, as well as a basic technological understanding of production, and can support the process through production and make requested changes. You will need to:

  • Work on the mechanical modeling and production of products.
  • Communicate with Industrial Designers and Engineers internally and externally.


  • 1+ years working experience with consumer products.
  • Good knowledge of Creo (ProE); experienced and adept at surfacing.
  • Experience with the mechanical design of components using various manufacturing methods, including injection molding, metal forming, casting, blow molding, machining, etc.
  • Good English, both written and spoken.
  • A good feel for aesthetics in visual communication
  • Experience with other 3D CAD programs (UG, Catia, SolidWorks, etc.) or other engineering software is a plus.


Interested in joining the team? Send us your:

  • Work samples (in Creo/ ProE, UG, or other CAD software) as screenshots
  • Resume
  • Cover letter (this can be the body of your email or attached separately)

Please send your full application to: 

Please apply via email only. You will hear from us, but due to the number of applicants, we’d appreciate your patience. Thank you. 


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