We're looking for an experienced and expert Design Strategy Director to lead our business unit of Design Strategy with multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, designers, technologists. They are responsible for providing business-relevant strategy with clients, before even design process starts.


TEAMS is an award-winning user experience design and innovation firm with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our innovative approach to design takes concepts from research and into reality, while reinforcing the client’s brand personality.

The Shanghai studio is a bright and delightful open loft overlooking one of Shanghai’s well-known historic neighborhoods right on the inner street of Peninsula Bay with a range of featured cafes and wine shops. Located in the North Bund area near Suzhou Creek, we are in a nearly renovated red-brick factory building nestled among other art and design studios, as well as branding and e-commerce business units. We take great pride in providing an open and supportive environment so that our teams can always achieve their full potential.


  • Identify the most important questions that a client company's products and services should address
  • Define opportunities for a product or service to differentiate in the market
  • Translate research insights into actionable solutions
  • Prioritize the order in which a portfolio of products and services should be launched
  • Connect design efforts to a client's business strategy
  • Integrate design as a fundamental aspect of strategic brand intent
  • Emerge ideas and trends
  • Lead presentation with clients
  • Work as part of a client team, and build trusted relationships with client stakeholders
  • Be a master of foundational consulting skills, including problem framing and structuring, future casting, design research and quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Be a developer of thought leadership material for publication


  • Has a Bachelor’s degree or above in Marketing or Business Administration, or other related field, Design management, Innovation Strategy
  • Design thinking and solid understanding of user experience design and the design process
  • 5+ years of experience in Design Strategy: lead or manage in one or more of the areas in user research, envisioning new solutions, market validation, business modeling, requirements definition, architecture definition, design, implementation, and support strategies, service design
  • Good analyzing and statistic skills, and able to translate research data (quantitative and qualitative) into business opportunities
  • Good communication skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work well both independently and in a team setting
  • Bilingual, business level in English and Chinese
  • Strong writing skills in both English and Chinese
  • Knowledge in sales channels or product distribution channels is a plus


If you are interested to work in a highly committed and international environment at TEAMS Design, please send to

  • Complete portfolio that doesn't just show final results, but a start-to-finish process that maps out the thinking, decision making, and development behind each project.
  • Resume
  • Cover letter (this can be the body of your email or attached separately)

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