We Create Brands that Connect
We Design Experiences that Make a Difference
We Develop Products with Heart & Soul

With just the right amount of technical innovation each time, we push our clients forward from strategy through realization.

We are experts in global user experience design. Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers collaborate with you to bring ideas from strategy through innovation.

From Research to Production, from UXD to ENG, from Idea to Launch, from Soup to Nuts

We specialize in global user-experience design and brand development. Our ability to listen and understand our client’s needs and to collaborate globally and in a connected way fuels our passion on the discovery to new and sustainable results.

The User is at the Center of Our World

By putting the user at the center of all that we do, our teams create human-centered products and services that address real market needs. Within the scope of our user-centered design process, we take projects from strategy to realization. This means that we guide you from the very first idea up until the product is fully realized and ready for the market. Our cross-disciplinary teams are adept at working together to bring out hidden potential at every stage of development.

Products of Empathy

Our teams are skilled in identifying and understanding users' thoughts, feelings, and motives. It's been a fundamental part of our design process for over 60 years. Serving our clients means that we go wherever it takes to get closer to users, including off-site to test lab equipment, into hospitals to interview doctors and patients, or into the homes of users to see their interactions with household products. We create products of empathy that embody and empower our users for a better world.

Our Process

Global Teams that Work Together

Our team of over 100 professionals includes designers, engineers, and strategists, all from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Just like our brand colors, we represent a vibrant mix of people and set our strengths on collaborative relationships that accomplish more together. A truly global team, we have German designers working in Shanghai, Japanese designers working in Chicago – and a flurry of languages that fuel our multi-disciplinary, global projects.

We're designers, strategists and engineers who collaborate with you to bring ideas through strategy to realization. We're cyclists, gardeners, windsurfers, and musicians that connect with you to build beautiful experiences.

We're Global, but we're also local, too

With five studios across three continents, we have the bandwidth to cover large international projects - as well as an intimate understanding of designing products and experiences attuned to our regional markets.

How it All Began

It all started in 1956 when Professor Hans Erich Slany, a well-known German designer with bold ideas established his own design agency in Esslingen, Germany. A pioneer of his time, Slany was the first to approach Bosch with the idea that plastic could be used to build power tools, making the tools lighter and easy-to-use; an idea that had not been explored at this time.

Fast-forward to today and many of Slany’s guiding principles have remained the same. The idea that designers should work in a cohesive team to create innovative ideas instead of working single-handedly became an important premise. In addition to working together, Slany put a high priority on empathy as a tool of practice in design. In order to create better products, Slany insisted that each designer make themselves an advocate of the user of the product they are called up on to design.

Several decades later, Slany partnered with Reinhard Renner and Klaus Schoen to delegate further ownership to match the rapid growth. The firm began to be known as SLANY DESIGN TEAMS. In 1996, the name was shortened to TEAMS.

As of 2002, the company is owned by Reinhard Renner, Hans-Peter Aglassinger, and Klaus Baumgartner. Catering to the constant growth and need for expansion, TEAMS opened up its second studio in Chicago under the leadership of Paul Hatch and Andreas Bell. A third studio was opened in Hamburg in 2002 under the direction of Ulrich Warth and currenty managed by Ulrich Schweig. From there, further studios were opened in Belgrade, Serbia headed by Zarko Bubalo following with Shanghai in 2006. Luo An leads the Shanghai studio. Over the course of the last 60 years, these global teams have won over 1,000 awards.

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Looking at the past, it’s clear to see that TEAMS legacy has always been about turning the wheel of innovation and moving forward. Turning today’s insights into tomorrow’s innovations through cohesive teamwork and meaningful relationships is exactly how TEAMS was founded. Today, TEAMS is one of the most successful design agencies in the world.

Partnerships that Endure

Our long-term relationships make up a big part of our identity. Developing these kind of connections over the years means viewing our relationships as a journey with a long history of interactions, and never a one-off instance. With Bosch serving as an example of one of our longest standing clients, it has been about embracing their users and developing personal connections with them to drive Bosch’s business forward. In turn, we’ve been able to change the way that people interact with their products, opening up an entirely new group of users and helping Bosch to maintain its visionary position.  

Meet Our Global Team

Wendy Chang

Working at and in TEAMS, we are constantly switching
between languages and
cultures, which I feel
stimulates creativity.

Feyyaz Cakir

Design is more than the
summary of the parts, it's also about the in-use experience.

Anita Isola

I love learning languages. It is thrilling when I learn more about a culture through


I love new challenges -
especially anything on wheels.



To me, design means three things: fascination, respect, and responsibility.

Ross Brinkman

Legos made me what I am

Johanna Frerichs

Impressionist art fascinates me because it’s about seeing an everyday scene from another perspective. The details do not detract, leaving an impression that is more perfect than the reality.

Natalie Schubert

I've had wanderlust my whole life, but yet for me, being at home is the most beautiful place to be.

Sky Li

Beauty lies in simplicity;
enjoying all you have.

Zoran Tasic

What I like most about TEAMS? Living my dream.
Bringing ideas to life, and meeting people from all over the world.


Learning from diverse
cultures and people is


I enjoy simple and clean
designs, but when it comes to music, it should be loud and complex!

Fabienne Diebold


I enjoy traveling and learning from new cultures. Recently, I volunteered at an orphanage in Guatemala.

Nikhil Banwaskar

I am joyful when something I create is meaningful and adds value to people´s lives.


Xiang Ma

Anika Raiser

When searching for
inspiration, I turn to nature. Nature was designed
perfectly and I find it
completely fascinating.

Klaus Baumgartner

License to dream.
License to create.

Jieping Huang

Only beautiful things exist in my eyes.

Christoph Albiez

My inner "geek" needs to
explore new things everyday. That's what drives me and keeps me up with an ever-changing world.

Andreas Bell

Harald Cramer

Think small, details matter.

Marianne Grisdale

I am fascinated by people and love to learn more about their needs and desires to help them live a better life, one small task at a time.

Žarko Bubalo

20% of the effort brings you to 80% of your goal; but if you want it perfect, an
additional 80% of effort is needed.

Jaehyuk Jang

Konstantin Samok-

A year ago I could have thought of something really clever to say here. Give me some time to think about it - stay tuned!

Paolo Cor-

Tempo al tempo

Sabrina Bao

Isin Fidan

I love to enhance the
relationship between ethics and aesthetics.

Sebastian Knöll

Ulrich Schweig

I am always on the go with my camera in hand. I like to take a look at people – how they live, what they wear, how they work, and what they love. Design is

Vincent Hasenmayer

I think that team spirit is
important; both at work and on the basketball court.

Greta Gustafson

Telling stories to entertain others is something I've done since childhood. I love to use storytelling as an effective tool in branding and public relations.

Mike Lai

I love to help people visualize the future by creating user experiences in innovative technologies. I no longer just imagine what the future brings; I am bringing it to life.

Steffen Müller

Design is about giving the right answers, but it is even more about asking the right questions.

Roland Hommen

I think less is more.

Ying Wang

A fascination with other
cultures and their stories is what drives me.

Ingo Gutjahr

Kai Gehrmann

Nothing beats that "wow“ feeling of impressive design. That's what I'm always striving for.

Vlada Nikolić

My cat is a good reminder to enjoy life. She sometimes wakes me at 4:30 a.m. and even then, I find it funny. It's really the small things in life.

Martin Rauch

My three years in China taught me that the way we see things in Germany is
definitely not the worst but not necessarily the only
reasonable way to see things.


Lisa Weller


I love starting with the first few sketches and then turning a project into a realistic model.

Yilin Gu

I look up to inspire my
thinking, and inward to work.


Jacqueline Hatch

I love the people I work with and acting as the office mom. I am inspired by the creative environment and enjoy
solving problems.

Chris Haupt

Interaction and graphics - that's what I love to do.

Paul Hatch

I enjoy getting my teeth into a good strategy.


I'm passionate about
technique and design - I love transforming design sketches into real products.

Mike Herbert

As a photographer, videographer, and designer, I appreciate the opportunity to bring my otherness into my work at TEAMS. The chance to bring my other individual skills into play to bring benefits that have meaning to others.

Fisher Huang

Vicky Fei

Jong Ngo

The variety and depth of the projects here at TEAMS is what I love most. We strive to understand deeply so that what we develop is

Reinhard Renner

Thinking against all
convention creates a
surprising world.

Paul Stawenow

Janko Kandić

Describing my job is not so difficult. It's a well set routine: Think, simplify, implement, test, sleep, and then repeat...

Oliver Keller

To me, design is language. Good communication makes me tick.

Cliff Kräpfl

Meike Koldorf

Joscha Schuberth

Some people are afraid of a blank piece of paper, but I love it. Sketching is my

Stephen Liu


The best thing I've ever done was to ride my motorcycle on an epic adventure from Shanghai to my hometown in the Italian Alps.

Björn Hipp

Liwei Liu

An Luo

Listening is just as important as talking.

Holly Howes

The opportunity to draw and express my creativity every day is super important to me.


What doesn't fit, will be made to fit.

Ivy Lv

I enjoy observing and
experiencing life!


If plan 'A' doesn't work, don't worry, the alphabet has 25 more letters.


I like to make things people enjoy using.


Every problem has more than one solution. We just have to figure out which one works best.

Emma Pang


Helmar Roth

The best products are the ones that instill passion and make people happy.


Jens Schuermann

I like to go out and explore - traveling to different
countries and experiencing other people's culture.


Solving problems and bringing ideas to fruition brings me great satisfaction.