Cello 2.0

The open-innovation project Urban Zero was created last year in a collaboration between Bayer Material Science and TEAMS Design to explore the potential of their new and highly innovative materials and to lead to an abundance of promising design visions.

Now, only one year later, the first prototype out of the project has been unveiled at the leading trade show for plastics and rubber, the K 2013 in Düsseldorf.


The Cello 2.0 is the first musical instrument with the ability to express the user's performance not only through sound, but also through visual effects on its own body. This allows the instrument and its user to interact and communicate with their audience in a completely new manner. 

The surface of the instrument’s body can be stimulated to project graphics or videos. For example, light effects display the rhythm of a song on the surface of the instrument or signal with colors that the instrument is tuned precisely and if the intonation is correct. This would mean a completely new approach to training and teaching, using the visual context as additional feedback to the sound. Professional musicians could benefit from a personal visual reflection of their music and enhance their live sessions.

Of course, the idea is not bound to a single instrument, and we are all eager to see what will happen next for this project.